Passwords are a pain. Needed for everything these days, you are constantly asked to register on this or that website in order to obtain the information you require, resulting in a mountain of credentials which need protecting.

Some people use the same password for everything, others use stronger passwords for ‘important’ things. Some people work out what a password should be based on a system of rules they have created in their head, and some just write them all down in a book.

Unfortunately, all of the above methods are bad and not sustainable over time. The threat of identity theft through credential compromise is compounded every time you create yet another log-in with an ‘unimportant’ password. You are merely creating more weak links in your personal security chain.

A password manager is easy-to-use, can generate long and complex passwords with ease, can auto-fill your details into websites making them easier and quicker to use. Some password managers can also sync to all your devices, meaning that you don’t have to worry about which device you log into a website from.

I currently have over 150 passwords but I don’t know a single one of them, which is actually quite reassuring!