Is your Incident Management like Dad’s Army?

Jun 7th, 2017 Incident Response James Gillies

Listed as dedicated critical area of Cyber Security in the UK governments “10 Steps to Cyber Security”, Incident Management should be given some attention in your organisation if hasn’t already been. I mentioned recently that the Ipsos Mori Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 reported that overall only 11% of all UK business have any formal Incident Management plan in place. According the 10 Steps guidance,…

WannaCry Infection

Is my business vulnerable to WannaCry?

May 19th, 2017 Incident Response, Malware, User Education and Awareness James Gillies

Already being hailed as the largest ransomware outbreak in history, it has been reported by the BBC that over 150 countries have already been infected by the WannaCry ransomware. Allegedly stolen from US intelligence as part of a large collection of leaks, a so-called zero-day vulnerability was weaponised into a strain of ransomware – with the capability to spread without human interaction, a so-called worm….


We’ve had an incident, how do we respond?

Apr 27th, 2017 Incident Response James Gillies

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 brings us up-to-speed with the latest findings across UK businesses. Recently published by Ipsos MORI, it is an in-depth survey across 1,500 Micro to Large-sized businesses. Offering great insight into how other businesses have fared with Incident Management and their impressions of Cyber Security over the past year, it is recommended reading to provide some context to your own…

This is a drill, repeat this is a drill!

Feb 2nd, 2017 Incident Response James Gillies

We’ve all been on the phone at some point when the fire alarms go off. “Excuse me, I’ll have to call you back…” is usually the response. Then, with minimum of fuss we would all quietly file out of the building, and congregate in a pre-designated area awaiting further instructions. After various checks were completed we would be informed that we were all present and…

Hacker in hood with laptop initiating cyber attack.

Should we plan for a Cyber Attack?

The bad guys are getting smarter. With all the best will in the world and all the tools at your disposal an incident is inevitable. Planning properly for such a Cyber Attack and putting in place contingency plans is a critical area of Cyber Security that is often ignored. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016 reported that only 10% of UK business overall have a…

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