How does defence-in-depth work for Cyber Security?

Sep 14th, 2016 Monitoring, Network Security, Secure Configuration James Gillies

Although Cyber Security can seem daunting, there are some fundamental security principles that will help define a good defensive posture. Without talking about particular technologies or processes we can keep it abstract to get the concept across, one of which is defence-in-depth. Your defences need to be layered. Constantinople is an example of a city that withstood attacks for 1,000 years due to its layered…


How much should we be monitoring our systems and users?

Aug 17th, 2016 Monitoring James Gillies

As company networks have evolved and become more complex, so has the “logging”. This means the results and reports from devices and applications all over the network, each pouring out with endless amounts of data, need to be interpreted into meaningful information. However, logging and monitoring are two different things. If you can’t detect an issue you can’t deal with it. Some of the largest…

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