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Why would our Organisation need a Reverse Proxy and Web Application Firewall?

Mar 2nd, 2017 Network Security, Secure Configuration James Gillies

As your business becomes more mature in its approach to Cyber Security you may have a business objective to expose certain web services to the internet, Microsoft Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync being examples. Although trivial to expose such services via standard perimeter firewall rules, it has become increasingly risky to do so without having extra layers of defence in place to protect business data…


Does the IoT = NextGen DDoS?

Last week witnessed a massive Distributed Denial of Service attack against, who provide DNS services to major websites. This had the effect of disrupting users of Twitter, Amazon, Tumblr, Reddit, Spotify and Netflix. The ‘botnet’ that performed this DDoS attack was comprised of hacked IoT (Internet of Things) devices, partly comprised of Chinese-made digital video recorders and IP cameras. The devices had been compromised…


How does defence-in-depth work for Cyber Security?

Sep 14th, 2016 Monitoring, Network Security, Secure Configuration James Gillies

Although Cyber Security can seem daunting, there are some fundamental security principles that will help define a good defensive posture. Without talking about particular technologies or processes we can keep it abstract to get the concept across, one of which is defence-in-depth. Your defences need to be layered. Constantinople is an example of a city that withstood attacks for 1,000 years due to its layered…

Cyber Security Risks

How do I test the Cyber Security defences of my business?

Jun 8th, 2016 Data Breach, Network Security, Secure Configuration James Gillies

There are a few approaches for testing your Cyber Security defences your business can take if you are not already doing so. Introduce Vulnerability Assessments to the organisation. Employ a 3rd party to probe your internet-facing perimeter to discover weaknesses that a hacker could exploit, which could lead to a data breach. Having sealed up the cracks, repeat the process at least quarterly if not monthly…


Everybody talks about firewalls, but what is a firewall?

May 4th, 2016 Network Security James Gillies

At the basic level, a firewall protects a computer (or an entire network) from unauthorised traffic. It stops hackers breaking in, and stops sensitive data leaking out. Whilst almost always residing at the perimeter between your business and the internet there is also one built into every Windows computer. Similar to immigration control at the Airport, a firewall sits at the border and inspects all…

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