A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is very effective way of establishing a private connection between two parties, typically over the internet. In simple terms, if you could imagine looking through a long cardboard tube, with you at home at one end and your office network on the other end, but with all of the internet outside of the tube, that is the concept.

You have a connection to your business as if you were in the office itself, even though you are not on the premises. The tube provides a tunnel into the network you wish to the office connect to it is also encrypted preventing hackers from eavesdropping on your private files or conversations. VPNs act as the vehicle for secure connections for mobile users, working outside of the office.

Almost any device these days is capable of creating a VPN-even applications on Smartphones. Your privacy is protected by preventing any of your sensitive information going through an untrusted network in clear text, such as a public WIFI hot spot, or hotel network.

I would strongly recommend the use of a VPN at all times if working outside of the office where you need any type of remote access.