The internet is a dangerous place. While you are online ALL of your online activity is being monitored, invading your privacy: your location, your searches, visited websites, purchases, personal interests, shopping habits, holiday plans, books you read, forums you visit and much more are being watched and logged by ISPs, website owners and government intelligence agencies.

An ‘invisible web’ is at work behind the scenes watching everything you do, collecting untold amounts of personal data. Trackers, beacons, cookies follow you everywhere– allowing marketing companies to serve you ‘tailored adverts’. The vast majority of internet user aren’t aware of the scale of what is being collected about them – and no one knows where the data ends up.

To help increase your online privacy a multi-layered approach can be taken: always use up-to-date anti-virus, guarantee strong password use with a password manager, install online privacy and tracking tools to stop tracking of browsing habits, enable ad-blocking and malvertising blocking to de-clutter and protect your online experience, use anonymisation software such as a Proxy or VPN to further reduce tracking by websites/ISPs, lockdown and review your social media settings, and employ strict Mobile device security settings to prevent personal data exposure after theft.