There are a few approaches for testing your Cyber Security defences your business can take if you are not already doing so. Introduce Vulnerability Assessments to the organisation. Employ a 3rd party to probe your internet-facing perimeter to discover weaknesses that a hacker could exploit, which could lead to a data breach. Having sealed up the cracks, repeat the process at least quarterly if not monthly as new vulnerabilities are discovered and capitalised upon by hackers. Vulnerability scans can also be ran on the internal company network.

A Cyber Security Risk Assessment is a good place to start in terms of understanding what the impact would be to the business if a data breach occurred. The recently published “Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016” report makes for very interesting reading if you want to understand where your organisation might fit in terms of security posture.

I would recommend an internal review that asks the following questions – What data do we have? Where is that data? Who has access to that data? How is that data accessed? Could that data be recovered if lost? What financial value to the business does that data represent? DON’T fall into the trap of simply saying “IT takes care of that.”