Anyone who has some form of online presence will have logins and passwords for various systems that they connect to. Almost all systems that you log into now are on the internet and a great deal of them store a lot of personal information about you, such as your date of birth, home address, credit card details and so on.

It has also become routine to need to log into a website before you can do anything. The upshot is that the amount of logins and passwords that need to be remembered can become extremely tedious and inconvenient. Be honest, how often do you use the same password for different websites, or even worse use a simple password for a website that you feel is not that important?

117 million LinkedIn passwords were made available for sale online last week by a hacker, it was also confirmed that within a week almost 86 percent of those passwords had already been compromised. LinkedIn had not been using strong enough encryption methods when storing the passwords.

Identity theft can cause irreparable damage to a person who has suffered through trying to reclaim their digital identity, think credit ratings! – it only takes one compromised login to get started.

I personally have over 100 different logins for various personal and work-related systems – but when it comes to the passwords I do not know a single one of them! I use a Password Manager on my devices so I don’t have to.

The mind-set around Password Management needs to change. Don’t try and take on the burden yourself anymore, use a Password Manager to handle the authentication for you. No need to remember anything, complex passwords can be used with ease and the chances of a breach or your identity being stolen is massively reduced.