Cyber Security Risks

How do I test the Cyber Security defences of my business?

Jun 8th, 2016 Data Breach, Network Security, Secure Configuration James Gillies

There are a few approaches for testing your Cyber Security defences your business can take if you are not already doing so. Introduce Vulnerability Assessments to the organisation. Employ a 3rd party to probe your internet-facing perimeter to discover weaknesses that a hacker could exploit, which could lead to a data breach. Having sealed up the cracks, repeat the process at least quarterly if not monthly…

Insecure Passwords

Why should I use strong passwords and does it really matter?

Anyone who has some form of online presence will have logins and passwords for various systems that they connect to. Almost all systems that you log into now are on the internet and a great deal of them store a lot of personal information about you, such as your date of birth, home address, credit card details and so on. It has also become routine…

What exactly is a VPN and how does it protect me online?

May 25th, 2016 Home and Mobile Working James Gillies

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is very effective way of establishing a private connection between two parties, typically over the internet. In simple terms, if you could imagine looking through a long cardboard tube, with you at home at one end and your office network on the other end, but with all of the internet outside of the tube, that is the concept. You have…

Hotel room with Wi-Fi access sign

Is it safe to use an open Wi-Fi hotspot on my mobile device?

May 18th, 2016 Home and Mobile Working James Gillies

“Safe” and “Open” Wi-Fi are relative terms! “Convenient” and “Cheap” is more likely the question people ask themselves deep-down! Traditionally, the compelling reason for using a Wi-Fi hotspot would be to reduce costs for off-island Jersey tourists that are (still!) subject to excessive roaming mobile data charges. Entering an internet black hole as soon as they leave the island makes the offer of “Free Wi-Fi” in…


Everybody talks about firewalls, but what is a firewall?

May 4th, 2016 Network Security James Gillies

At the basic level, a firewall protects a computer (or an entire network) from unauthorised traffic. It stops hackers breaking in, and stops sensitive data leaking out. Whilst almost always residing at the perimeter between your business and the internet there is also one built into every Windows computer. Similar to immigration control at the Airport, a firewall sits at the border and inspects all…

Panama City

How can we prevent a Panama Papers hack?

Apr 27th, 2016 Data Breach James Gillies

Recent and ongoing bad press for the island means that we can no longer have a blinkered approach to IT or data security. Events in Panama April 2016, when corporate services provider Mossack Fonseca suffered an email hack (known thereafter as the Panama Papers hack) and subsequent data leak of 11.5 million confidential documents, highlight potential cyber security threats to Jersey businesses that have any…

Credit Card Phishing

What is a phishing attack, and how do I minimize the risk?

Apr 20th, 2016 Social Engineering James Gillies

Everyone’s heard of Spam, annoying unsolicited emails that hit your mailbox forcing you to perform frequent clean-ups. The equivalent of blanket marketing, a Spam message is fairly generalised and is easy to spot; a Phishing email however is much more sophisticated and extremely specific. Believing the message to be legitimate the reader is lured into divulging information such as passwords and other personal information that…

Pool of data

How do I protect my privacy when online?

Apr 16th, 2016 Privacy James Gillies

The internet is a dangerous place. While you are online ALL of your online activity is being monitored, invading your privacy: your location, your searches, visited websites, purchases, personal interests, shopping habits, holiday plans, books you read, forums you visit and much more are being watched and logged by ISPs, website owners and government intelligence agencies. An ‘invisible web’ is at work behind the scenes…

cyber-threats ransomware

What are the biggest cyber-threats at the moment?

Apr 6th, 2016 Malware James Gillies

2016 has seen a huge spike in cyber-threats that have now become monetized, no longer merely a nuisance your data is now the low-hanging fruit and target of the criminals. Completely arbitrary and damaging, here’s a couple of examples of the largest cyber-threats to your digital life today.

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