The bad guys are getting smarter. With all the best will in the world and all the tools at your disposal an incident is inevitable. Planning properly for such a Cyber Attack and putting in place contingency plans is a critical area of Cyber Security that is often ignored.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016 reported that only 10% of UK business overall have a formal Cyber Security Incident Management process. A little more encouraging however was that 52% had an effective contingency plan to deal with the most disruptive breach or attack.

After a breach it is quite common to update antivirus and antimalware software, review firewall configurations and raise staff security awareness through training. But most disturbing of all is even after suffering their most disruptive breach 20% of UK businesses decided to take no action.

I would recommend that you get top-down buy-in from the board to deliver your incident management plans first, then create and maintain your plans, documenting who does what and why. You should also test these plans regularly.

Finally, the team responsible for handling the incident response should be appropriately trained in order to be able to handle the range of incidents you may encounter.