Previously a buzz word and often tongue-in-cheek as another fad that would come and go, whether we like it or not, or are even aware of it Cloud computing is now being used by half of all UK businesses.

Market research company Ipsos Mori reported last year that 66% of UK medium sized firms use cloud providers to host websites or email, or transfer or store data. Furthermore, 67% said that these services were “very critical” and over half of all companies would store data that was commercially sensitive.

With the ever-increasing number and scale of breaches that are being reported in the media it is perhaps prudent to review exactly what your organisation is using cloud providers for, how the data is being stored and processed and the methods and processes your staff use to access, process and transfer that data.

If you “assume breach” then you can better prepare for any fallout when something outside of your control occurs with a given cloud provider. If you identify a more secure way of handling that data that is stored in the cloud that you can do something about now, then it is a good time to review your options.