Should we be re-considering implementing encryption in our organisation?

Feb 23rd, 2017 Compliance, Confidentiality, GDPR, Secure Configuration James Gillies

In today’s digital world data is considered to be the crown jewels and should be protected from those that might abuse it. The value to the business that data represents should be balanced against the risk of it being exposed. Traditionally viewed as a pure security issue, as data protection laws start to change this will become much more of a compliance issue. In simple…

Encrypt, Encryption

Do we need to encrypt our data if we are not a finance company?

Jul 6th, 2016 Compliance, Secure Configuration James Gillies

Recent years have demonstrated great efforts made by organisations to encrypt any data that needs to physically leave the building where it is normally stored – the “data at rest” is made unreadable to any person or entity that is not authorised to read that data. Traditionally it is patient and finance data that have been the focus, typically stored or used on a mobile…

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