We trust our staff, so why do we need to protect their smartphones?

Aug 10th, 2016 Data Breach, Home and Mobile Working James Gillies

Ubiquitous and permanently connected to the internet, smartphones are here to stay. As devices that talk to everything all of the time, they access corporate data more easily whilst boundaries to the company network blur or even disappear. Imagine: Joe from Accounts procures his new iPhone as part of his renewed contract and one of the first things he does after restoring the backup of…

Hotel room with Wi-Fi access sign

Is it safe to use an open Wi-Fi hotspot on my mobile device?

May 18th, 2016 Home and Mobile Working James Gillies

“Safe” and “Open” Wi-Fi are relative terms! “Convenient” and “Cheap” is more likely the question people ask themselves deep-down! Traditionally, the compelling reason for using a Wi-Fi hotspot would be to reduce costs for off-island Jersey tourists that are (still!) subject to excessive roaming mobile data charges. Entering an internet black hole as soon as they leave the island makes the offer of “Free Wi-Fi” in…

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