4 Cyber Threat predictions for 2017

As many predictions including my own in 2016 demonstrated, email as an attack vector is back with a bang as business everywhere were attacked through phishing emails, tricking people into opening malicious links and bogus attachments – often leading directly to a data breach. Spear Phishing targets specific individuals and business units, the recent US election highlighted an example of this. There was also a…

How does the Yahoo breach affect me? I don’t use Yahoo?

Sep 28th, 2016 Data Breach James Gillies

The Yahoo breach is a great example of three or four different Cyber Security issues all linking together to demonstrate the destructive power of today’s cyber-criminals. Rarely now the stereotypical spotty/angry teenager looking for notoriety; cyber criminals are industrially funded, technologically gifted and in some cases even state-sponsored – cybercrime is big business! This particular incident is significant because it is the largest known breach…

Cyber Security Awareness

Should we train our staff more on Cyber Security Awareness?

Jul 20th, 2016 User Education and Awareness James Gillies

Your users are the last line of defence and in almost all cases will make the difference between suffering a data security breach or not. As with disasters that can make the media, human error plays a major part during an incident. Users are the weakest link in the security chain, but if not empowered to make the right choice when they need to respond,…

Credit Card Phishing

What is a phishing attack, and how do I minimize the risk?

Apr 20th, 2016 Social Engineering James Gillies

Everyone’s heard of Spam, annoying unsolicited emails that hit your mailbox forcing you to perform frequent clean-ups. The equivalent of blanket marketing, a Spam message is fairly generalised and is easy to spot; a Phishing email however is much more sophisticated and extremely specific. Believing the message to be legitimate the reader is lured into divulging information such as passwords and other personal information that…

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