WannaCry Infection

Is my business vulnerable to WannaCry?

May 19th, 2017 Incident Response, Malware, User Education and Awareness James Gillies

Already being hailed as the largest ransomware outbreak in history, it has been reported by the BBC that over 150 countries have already been infected by the WannaCry ransomware. Allegedly stolen from US intelligence as part of a large collection of leaks, a so-called zero-day vulnerability was weaponised into a strain of ransomware – with the capability to spread without human interaction, a so-called worm….


4 Cyber Threat predictions for 2017

As many predictions including my own in 2016 demonstrated, email as an attack vector is back with a bang as business everywhere were attacked through phishing emails, tricking people into opening malicious links and bogus attachments – often leading directly to a data breach. Spear Phishing targets specific individuals and business units, the recent US election highlighted an example of this. There was also a…


How risky are Macros to our business?

Oct 5th, 2016 Malware, User Education and Awareness James Gillies

2016 has seen a renewed and sustained level of cyber threats which use email as the attack vector. If you’re not being coerced into clicking a link in a malicious email, then you may be invited to open an attachment, which will almost always require you to run macros or “enable content.” Macros, which appear in Office documents such as Microsoft Word or Excel, are…


What are some steps we can take against Ransomware?

Sep 25th, 2016 Data Breach, Secure Configuration James Gillies

More advanced than ever, Ransomware has evolved quicker in recent months than commercial technologies can keep up with and accounts for over $1.2B in damages to businesses, according to Cyber Security vendor, Sophos. “90% of breaches are from exploits, 90% of exploits are from known vulnerabilities and 66% of IT staff lack incident response skills.” High-level steps to take are as follows: Don’t click on…

cyber-threats ransomware

What are the biggest cyber-threats at the moment?

Apr 6th, 2016 Malware James Gillies

2016 has seen a huge spike in cyber-threats that have now become monetized, no longer merely a nuisance your data is now the low-hanging fruit and target of the criminals. Completely arbitrary and damaging, here’s a couple of examples of the largest cyber-threats to your digital life today.

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