Your users are the last line of defence and in almost all cases will make the difference between suffering a data security breach or not. As with disasters that can make the media, human error plays a major part during an incident.

Users are the weakest link in the security chain, but if not empowered to make the right choice when they need to respond, it is not fair to make them accountable when something goes wrong.

Far from punishing a user for clicking on a malicious link to a website or an infected email attachment all users should be trained in a regular and structured way to allow them to identify those social engineering red flags and respond appropriately. Training will also benefit staff in their personal lives by having a more informed approach to Cyber Security in general.

Only 12-38% of UK businesses last year put staff on Cyber Security training in the past 12 months, yet Gartner has been quoted recently as saying “Many of the most damaging security penetrations are, and will continue to be, due to social engineering, not electronic hacking or cracking… social engineering is the single greatest security risk in the decade ahead.”