In my experience this is an area around which the Channel Islands have been generally slow to adopt a stronger security posture, and whilst the threats surrounding Data Leakage were as valid then as they are today, it is surprising that only 21% of UK businesses have a formal policy around what can be stored on removable/USB devices, a figure published in the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016.

The UK Government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security lists removable media as a critical area that also directly affects three others, I’d recommend re-visiting your policies to understand what you currently permit. Locking down USB ports and so on is nothing new, capable technologies have existed for over 10 years.

Also bear in mind that as cyber threats evolve, the malware war is being increasingly fought (and in many cases lost!) at the desktop; by permitting un-scanned or potentially malicious USB sticks into your organisation you are introducing an element of risk that could do untold damage.

Restricting removable media is no fun unfortunately as it affects usability. But if left unchecked it’s a bit like fitting deadlocks on the front door of your home and then leaving the back door open.