Depending on your point of view being able to “work from home” can be either a blessing or a burden. The same can be said for organisations who decide to permit home and mobile working. Over time this dilemma becomes compounded by the number of users who need (or demand!) access to an ever-increasing amount of business-line applications and resources whilst outside of the office. As the boundaries between the business and the outside world begin to blur the potential risk for a data breach starts to increase.

According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016 only 20% of businesses have a formal policy that covers remote or mobile working, which is pretty shocking.

If considering home and mobile working or intending to scale out existing access to the entire business, there are some specific steps you should be taking: Assess the risks, create a mobile working policy, educate your users, apply the secure build of your mobile devices, protect (encrypt) the data at rest, protect the data in transit (VPN) and review your incident management plans in preparation for a breach – because at some point you will have one.

For those so-called Road-Warriors – “With great power comes great responsibility!”